CaniX 2013 World Championships

March 7th, 2013

CaniX UK are proud to present the CaniX 2013 World Championship at CanineMax 2013.

Represent your country at the CaniX 2013 World Championship:

CaniX 1-dog,
CaniX 2-dog
Scooter (1 or 2-dog)

Prize money (*see conditions) for each age class with spot prize of £1000 awarded to one non-podium competitor. Maximum prize pot of $35,000.00.

1st: £500
2nd: £100
3rd: £50

Any breed, any size, any shape, – for all ages 7+ and all fitness levels. No special training or equipment needed, other than your dog.

Enter online by 16 September 2013

CaniX 2013 World Championships