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We stock a wide selection of dog leads, which are perfect for dog walking whether you are heading to your local park or spending a day on a more adventurous trek.

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  1. Flat Dog Lead with Built-in Bungee

    This lead is great for walking dogs that pull.

    Take away some of the jolts, jerks and sudden pulling from your dog! A much easier walk!

  2. Arctic Wolf Triple Line

    The Arctic Wolf Triple Line is perfect for those keen canicross owners with multiple dogs. This line allows attachment for three dogs and provides a strong, reliable product that can also be used as a multiple dog walking line.

  3. Ruffwear Slackline Dog Leash

    The Ruffwear Slackline Leash is a reliable and convenient product that will cater to to any dogs owners need packed full with essential features:

    • Adjustable from 3.5ft to 6 ft (1.1m to 1.8m)
    • The Ruffwear desgned Tubelok Webbing provides durability in addition to design aesthetics
    • Adjustable padded handle and aluminum Talon Hook for secure attachment
    • Ergomic Talon clip and metal slider for easy single hand adjusment
    • Convenient accessory loop for other clip on items
    • Integrated reflective trim
  4. Swedish Snap

    This is the most sought after snap amongst mushers - used in dog yards, on drop chains and picket lines.

    Made out of the best quality Swedish steel. Extremely strong and long lasting!

    3 inches long.

  5. Patterned Dog Lead from Lupine

    Lupine® Dog Leads come with a padded handle for extra comfort and a convenient gate style snap.

    These dog leads are vailable in a wide range of great patterns and have matching collars available.

  6. Flexi Lead (Vario System)

    The Flexi Lead is a great way for dog owners to allow their dogs a little more freedom whilst remaining safe and secure on lead.

    The Vario Flexi lead allows you to create a system according to your specific requirements with additional accessories ranging from treat holders to lights.

  7. 3 in 1 Dog Lead from Canadog

    Designed and Created by CanaDog Supply for Active People with Active Dogs - this 3 in 1 Line allows you to create several Canicross or Hands Free Dog Walking experiences.

  8. 6ft Flat Dog Lead (ManMat)

    Designed to be both stylish and highly durable, this lead is made from high quality climbing 1 inch webbing.

    Approx 180 cm (70 inches) long. A choice of colours available.

  9. Dogmatic Training Lead

    The matching training lead to the Dogmatic Headcollar; trigger hooks at both ends allow you to clip to both the Headcollar and the dog's collar. 

    Your dog will be more controllable, less excitable and will be safer and easier to train and walk regardless of its size. Ease of control is also vital for people with strong, large or stubborn breeds.

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9 Item(s)