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If you want to be able to walk your dog without needing to have one hand on the dog lead all the time, then our dog walking belt is a great option.

Dog Walking Belt

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  1. Deluxe Walking Belt With Pocket and Bottle Holder

    This wide padded belt has an integral water bottle holder and handy key pouch. This belt is one of the highest quality walking belts on the market and can be used for canicross, or just going for a walk with your dogs.

    Available in Black, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange and Fluorescent Yellow. Adjustable for most sizes (range of adjustment 30" - 48").


    From: £38.99

    To: £60.97

  2. Canicross Belt with Detachable Leg Loops

    This canicross belt is comfortable and well padded with detachable leg loops, allowing the runner the choice to use the leg loops to ensure the belt remains sitting on the hips whilst running, or to remove the leg loops if preferred.

  3. Ruffwear Omnijore Hip Belt

    The hipbelt from Ruffwear can be used for canicross, hiking and other joring activities. It has a tow bridle that allows for 180 degrees of tow direction . The intuitive towline releases for quick disconnect, and the leg loops keep the belt in place (can be removed).

  4. Non-Stop Dogwear Trekking Belt Non-Stop Dogwear Trekking Belt

    Non-Stop Dogwear Trekking Belt

    The Trekking Belt from Non-Stop Dogwear is a traditional belt that sits on the hips and is ideal for dog walking and hiking. It can also be used for skijoring and jogging with your dog.

    Regular Price: £49.99

    Special Price £39.99

  5. Non-Stop Dogwear Comfort Belt

    The Comfort Belt from Non-Stop Dogwear provides ultimate comfort and support when on a canicross run with your dog.

    Available in one size (adult), black.

  6. Walking Belt

    Our entry level walking belt is made from extremely durable 2" wide webbing (of the same style as a car seat belt) and is padded with non-soaking neoprene.

    Available in Black only. Fully adjustable to fit most sizes, with a range of 34" - 53".

  7. ManMat Mushers Belt

    This wide padded and supportive dog walking belt was originally designed as a belt for long distance mushers, designed to be used by tying a line between the belt and the sled, for a more hands off way of sledding... lean back and relax.

    The belt is manufactured to withstand extreme pulling and is made from water resistant and porous material. One size fits all.

  8. Screwgate Carabiner

    Carabiners can be used for a wide variety of purposes in dog mushing and running activities.

    A good value, core offset D locking carabiner with keylock nose. A very versatile and handy piece of equipment.

  9. Large Screwgate Carabiner

    Carabiners can be used for a wide variety of purposes in dog mushing and running activities.

    Larger than our standard screwgate carabiner, this model is useful for multiple lines or leads, or where extra strength is needed.

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9 Item(s)