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Dog scooter accessories and spare parts for your Pawtrekker Dog Scooter: replacement brake pads, tyres and inner tubes, lights, bags and more.

Dog Scooter Accessories and Spare Parts

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  1. Screwgate Carabiner

    Carabiners can be used for a wide variety of purposes in dog mushing and running activities.

    A good value, core offset D locking carabiner with keylock nose. A very versatile and handy piece of equipment.

  2. Rowerland Flexible Scooter Arm

    The Rowerland Scooter Arm is a flexible and easy to attach dog scooter attachment. It is designed to attach to the frame of the scooter using Velcro straps to secure it, and has the extension over the front wheel of the scooter to keep your lines up and safe from any possibilities of getting tangled in the wheel.

    Available in Black or White.

    Starting at: £39.99

  3. Non-Stop Dogwear Bike/Scooter Attachment

    The Non-Stop Dogwear Bike/Scooter Attachment is a premium quality lightweight bike and scooter attachment. The Bike/Scooter Attachment  is made from only the best materials to make it the lightest and safest for Bikejoring and Scootering.

  4. Line Extension for Bikejoring or Dog Scootering

    This super strong Kevlar loop is a must for attaching your line to a scooter or a bike, or extending an existing line that may be a little too short.

  5. Hi Viz Vest - Sled Dogs in Training

    High Visibility Safety Vest in Fluorescent Yellow.

    Printed on Breast and Back "Sled Dogs in Training"

    Starting at: £6.99

  6. Replacement 20" Front Forks for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter

    Replacement 20" front suspension forks for the Pawtrekker Dog Scooter.

  7. Replacement Brake Pads (2010 onwards)

    Replacement brake pads for our Pawtrekker disc brake system.

  8. Replacement Brake Cable for Pawtrekker Dog Scooter

    Replacement Brake Cable for Pawtrekker Scooters.

    Front: 950 x 1200mm

    Rear: 1800 x 2050mm

  9. Replacement Inner Tube

    Replacement Inner Tube suitable for 20" wheel.

  10. Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter

    The Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter is the handheld weather-monitoring device that provides a wide range of functions, plus accurate relative humidity measurements. With this handy pocket device, you can soon check temperature and humidity with its built in hydrometer and thermometer to make sure the weather is safe to run with your dog.

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Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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