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Events Calendar

We have created an events calendar which draws together a range of the dog sports activity taking place around the UK.

Please click below to download your copy of the calendar.


Event Calendar

Last updated: 27th August 2018


We hope you find this useful. 

If you would like your event or activity to be included on our calendar, or notice any errors or omissions, please do drop us an email with the necessary details.

SnowPaw Store holds no liability for any incorrect information shown. It is the reader's responsibility to confirm event dates and suitability of classes with the event organiser. Information and events change on a regular basis.



Spectator Information


While all organisations welcome you to come to their events, whether it be to watch or to learn, they kindly ask you respect these simple rules.


- Please do not bring your dogs to the sled dog races if at all possible! If you do have to bring them, please keep them on the lead at all times and away from any competing dogs and teams. The racing dogs can be very excited as they are keen to run and often can scare other non-working sled dogs by their noisy, bouncy attitudes. This can also limit the chances of dogs picking up bugs or illnesses.

- Whilst you might think it would be fun for your dog to meet the huskies, it often has the opposite effect and can be extremely intimidating for your pooch!

- Please do not walk on the trails if you have a dog with you as this can interfer with racing and cause accidents as the dog teams can approach silently and at speed!

- Please keep children under control and do not approach a dog to stroke it unless you have the permission from the owner.

- Please do not feed dogs not belonging to you unless you have the owners permission.

- Do turn up early to watch the teams, often races start off early (around 9am) to ensure the dogs get the cool temperatures to run in. Races and events are often finished by early afternoon.

- Do ask mushers and competitors questions, they love to 'talk dogs!' 

- Enjoy yourselves!