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If you know someone who enjoys watching or participating in sled dog racing, then you may want to consider some of our Sled Dog Books. We stock manuals to help you get started in dog sledding, as well as accounts by famous mushers about some of their achievements.

Sled Dog Books

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  1. All Alaska Sweepstakes: History of the Great Sled Dog Race

    The All Alaska Sweepstakes is the oldest organized sled dog race in the world, with records kept by the Nome Kennel Club dating back to the first race in 1908.

    Dozens of beautiful photos by Jan DeNapoli, Donna Quante and others tell the story of the sixteen Alaskan mushers who entered their teams, each hoping to have their name engraved on the Sweepstakes trophy beside the great mushing legends “Scotty” Allan and Leonhard Seppala; and, of course, they were racing for the richest purse ever offered for a sled dog race: $100,000.00 winner-take-all!

  2. Long Hard Trails and Sled Dog Tales

    Long Hard Trails and Sled Dog Tales is a memoir of sorts, an adventure story to be sure, and a look at what it’s like to follow a winning sled dog team across thousands of miles of Arctic wilderness.

  3. Father of the Iditarod: The Joe Redington Story

    Almost single-handedly, Redington rescued Alaska dog mushing from extinction. With ambition, an abiding love for sled dogs, and a refusal to accept "it can't be done", Redington created a legacy in a thousand mile race across Alaska that has thrilled the world for more than twenty-five years, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

  4. Dog Man: Chronicles of an Iditarod Champion - Martin Buser

    Join mushing legend Martin Buser as he reveals his life’s journey in candid and action-packed detail. Buser’s story of self-discovery takes the reader with him on the adventures, misadventures, and lessons learned from his devoted relationship with his canine friends.

  5. Training Lead Dogs

    Training Lead Dogs (or "How to turn ordinary dogs into Lead Dogs thru positive training"). By Lee Fishback. 

  6. Your Dog In Harness

    Your Dog In Harness by Mel Fishback Riley. There are very few books that really tell a beginner how to make his or her dog GO....the booklet was written with the hope that it will help beginners starting out in the world of mushing.

  7. Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way!

    Unconventional Sled Dog Secrets of An Alaskan Iditarod Champion: Volume One, by Mitch Seavey, Iditarod Champion.

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