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Buy sled dog equipment from Snowpaw Store

Here at Snowpaw Store, we offer a wide range of dog harnesses, lines and other sled dog equipment to make sure that you and your dog can get the maximum amount of enjoyment from the sport.

We offer a wide range of dog harnesses, from X-Back Harnesses and sShoulder Harnesses to Weightpull and Walking harnesses, as well as dog ganglines and tuglines.

If you are just starting out and have any questions, then get in touch with us or check out our introduction to working your dog in a harness. You may find our guide about how to measure your dog for various different sled dog harnesses useful when you come to make a purchase. You need to make sure that you measure the dog, not the fur. If the neck size is too small it will cut, bruise or choke your sled dog, whereas if it is too large, the harness will slip, rub and interfere with movement.

How to buy from Snowpaw Store

Buying sled dog equipment from us is simple. You can simply browse the selection on our website and place your order online.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like some assistance choosing sled dog equipment, then contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Sled Dog Equipment

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  1. Gangline Starter Kit - Single / 1 Dog

    We can supply a ready-assembled, flexible gangline system to allow you to run a 1 dog.

    A saving of over 10% when purchased as a complete kit, rather than as individual items!

  2. Arctic Wolf Stake Out Line - 3 Dogs

    The Arctic Wolf StakeOut Line is the perfect product for owners that want to attach their 3 dogs to a point whilst out and about.

  3. 3-Way Neckline

    The Arctic Wolf 3-Way Neckline is a multi-use item allowing up to three dogs to be worked simultaneously in a fan hitch whilst providing minimum difficulty to the owner.

  4. Swedish Snap

    This is the most sought after snap amongst mushers - used in dog yards, on drop chains and picket lines.

    Made out of the best quality Swedish steel. Extremely strong and long lasting!

    3 inches long.

  5. 3/4" Bronze Trigger Clips

    Heavy duty 3/4" bronze snaps or trigger clips, for use on ganglines, stake out lines and dog leads.

  6. Line Extension for Bikejoring or Dog Scootering

    This super strong Kevlar loop is a must for attaching your line to a scooter or a bike, or extending an existing line that may be a little too short.

  7. Pawz Disposable Dog Boots

    PAWZ natural rubber dog boots are reusable, disposable and waterproof wellies for dogs to protect their paws in many situations.

    Each Pack contains 12 disposable boots!

    Starting at: £11.99

  8. Hi Viz Vest - Sled Dogs in Training

    High Visibility Safety Vest in Fluorescent Yellow.

    Printed on Breast and Back "Sled Dogs in Training"

    Starting at: £6.99

  9. Mini Puplight - Clip-on Safety Light for Dogs

    The mini Puplight is a smaller alternative safety light to the original Puplight Dog Safety Torch. The mini Puplight clips onto the collar and has two settings; solid glow or flashing light.

    Choice of colours: White, Red, Green, Pink and Disco.

    Starting at: £5.99

  10. Stainless Steel Snap Shackle

    Snap shackle 52 mm. Great for use when snubbing your team to enable an easy and quick release using your snubline. Can also be used as a quick release shackle on your canicross belt.

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